About us


Avocados FR is a family business formed in the year 2016, with the help of a professional team of collaborators, we are dedicated to the production, marketing and export of the highest quality avocado.

Its beginnings date back to 1987 when a visionary farmer (Francisco Rodríguez Aguilera) in the company of his sons, began a small family business dedicated to the production of avocado, which now transformed into a company that exports and markets its Own production.


To achieve international presence mainly in the United States and Asia with the best quality of avocado, taking care of natural resources and the environment, obtaining with this that 100% of its fields are under the organic production scheme, applying Avant-garde cultural practices.


We are a company dedicated to the export of avocado that cares for the national and international quality standards, with an excellent work team that helps to obtain good results, improving the satisfaction of our clients, by means of the control and Record all your operations in time and form. Promoting community and sustainable development always "for the love of the countryside". Needing for good attitude and patience.


  • Ethics: To treat each client with all professionalism, in order to give the best of ourselves in the face of society.
  • Justice: To give to everyone what is their rightful place.
  • Commitment: We maximize our capacities to carry out the tasks entrusted.
  • Productivity: Make use of resources with maximum effectiveness and care, avoiding waste and superfluous consumption.
  • Honesty: Create an environment of trust and preference for our company and our clients.
  • Responsibility: To have the commitment to act decisively within our sphere of influence, to finance everything that contributes to the achievement of the objectives of Avocados FR.
  • Creativity: Foster an environment where free expression of ideas and opinions is for innovation and development for the good of the company

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